Liverpool vs Feyenoord fight

Aug 6, 2007

The fight that took place between the players of Feyenoord and Liverpool.

It seems that Drenthe first fouled Gerrard and then fell quite easily at the feet of Mascherano.

Agger accidentally kicked him in the head when kicking the ball away in frustration.

They had an argument at which another player came and punched Agger with his right. Gerrard was the only one to see this as the other players were busy holding Drenthe back. He came back to defend Agger with a left hook.

Not very sportsmanly like on both sides.

Gerrard was booked a yellow so no action will be taken against him or the other player as it was a friendly and the ref dealt with it.

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  1. Rohitpatel August 8, 2007 8:01 am

    Well yet another bad match for Liverpool Football club and I think referee was not take very hash decision because no player was sent of for this incident. I din’t watch it live but I saw highlights and now this video.

    I think Gerrard deserved for Red cards but he is a world class player and also come from big club so he got Yellow only otherwise he would miss 3 matches for direct red cards.

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