Ronaldo has a tantrum after being substituted

By | May 11, 2009

The petulant Portugese plonker throws a hissy fit after being taken off against Man City on Sunday…

Arsene Wenger Dance Move

By | Apr 16, 2009

Do the Arsene at your favorite night club and guarantee to pull !! After this dance last night I dont think so

Fabio Capello – Headcases

By | Apr 16, 2008

The new England manager gives his view on the squad….

Nike: The Put It Where You Want It Tour: Ep 4. Malouda

By | Nov 3, 2007

Nike Total 90 Laser: The Put It Where You Want It Tour. The Sanchez Boys are looking for the most deadliest accurate footballer of the universe. Episode 4. Malouda

Cristiano Ronaldo – Top 30 Dives

By | Nov 2, 2007

The Portugese Flying Winger doing what he does best – acrobatics! You gotta love him….